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1. What are the main factors that affect the consumption of graphite electrode in electric arc furnace steelmaking?

Mainly include: (1) loading and feeding mode. (2) feeding time and off time. (3) smelting cycle. (4) emissions and dust removal system. (5) the quality of electrode adjustment. (6) the quality of load regulation. (7) oxygen blowing operation. (8) electrode connection quality. (9) electrode connector body mass. (10) electrode contact hole and machining precision.  

2. graphite electrode in the storage area to pay attention to what matters?  

Electrode and joint should be stored in clean cement ground, in order to avoid electrode touch loss or sticky earth; temporarily without electrodes, don't put packages removed, to prevent dust and debris fell on the threaded joints or electrode surface and the electrode hole internal thread on. Electrode in warehouse storage shall be placed neatly, at both ends of the electrode stack to pad is good, to prevent slipping duo, the electrode of the stacking height is generally not more than two meters. The storage electrode should pay attention to rain, moisture, avoid steelmaking cracks and accelerate the oxidation of the electrode. Do not close to the high temperature of the electrode connector, to prevent the connector plug melt overflow.  

3.How to avoid breaking and tripping electrode 3, the steelmaking process?  

Steelmaking process to take the following measures can effectively avoid broken electrode and tripping situation: (1) electrode phase sequence is correct, is counter clockwise. (2) uniform distribution of scrap steel furnace, large pieces of scrap as far as possible in the bottom of the furnace. (3) in the presence of non conducting materials to avoid scrap. (4) electrode column with the top of the hole and the electrode column parallel, the top hole wall to always clean, to prevent the residual slag accumulation and force broken electrodes. (5) to keep the furnace tilting system in good condition, the furnace tilting remained stable. (6) electrode holder to avoid clip joints and joint hole in electrode electrode. (7) with high strength of joint processing precision quality. (8) torque applied to the appropriate electrode connection. (9) electrode connection before and in the connection process, prevent the electrode hole threads and thread mechanical damage. (10), electrode holes and joints to prevent slag or foreign matter embedding impact rotary joint.
4, steel mills in the use of graphite electrode, the traffic in the process of lifting to pay attention to what?  
Whether with a forklift or crane carrying the electrode, careful operation and the electrode lifting process. At the end of the electrode and the thread by damage to use electrodes caused serious problems, especially to protect good thread holes and joints of the thread. To improve the electrode pads, so as to avoid damage to the electrode surface and joint thread.  
5, how to properly connect the electrode?  
When connecting, with compressed air blowing hole electrode, the electrode tip surface and joint net, no dust and foreign bodies embedded, connections to maintain a clean and smooth, when the two electrodes screwed to a certain extent (about 10mm gap), and then use compressed air blowing a and then torque pliers will tighten the electrode, applied when the tightening torque should be appropriate, if tightening found junction gap must exit to reconnect until gapless so far.  
6, on the electrode holder the right clamping position
Electrode holder holder can not clamp connection electrode and electrode thread hole position, shall be clamped in place between the electrodes at both ends of the white line, at the same time, in the folder to the clamping electrode before, to use compressed air to the electrode surface and clamping device for blowing the net, to ensure that current and heat flux in the electrodes and the clamping device between the conduction, prevent arcing caused by clamping device is damaged, thus extending clamping device is used with a period.  
7, in the electric arc furnace steelmaking, the reduction of electrode oxidation consumption measures?  
Reducing measures are mainly: (1), reduce the oxidation of the electrode perimeter consumption, strengthen furnace sealing, reduce air intrusion in the furnace; as far as possible to reduce exposure time of the red hot electrode at the outside of the furnace, oxygen blowing operation specification. (2) for the smelting furnace, if the conditions permit, the use of spray cooling technology, can effectively reduce the consumption of electrode side oxidation. (3), and steel mills in the electrode surface spraying antioxidants, or electrode manufacturer in electrode factory using antioxidants IMPREGNATION processing technology can improve the oxidation resistance of the electrode body.  
What is the effect of using 8 electrode phase on electrode?  
Steelmaking electric arc furnace electrode phase sequence of positive and negative electrode in the use of the trip and broken phenomenon significant impact, electrode phase if the clockwise direction, using electrode energized a period of time after a loose, easy to cause the looseness of the electrode removal or joint fracture and correct electrode phase sequence should be counterclockwise direction. By this, the electrode in use bonding will more closely. The measuring electrode phase, Nantong Jiangdong carbon Limited will be the user's requirements to provide free measurement for users.  
9, arc furnace steelmaking why the requirements phase electrode to be in parallel with the furnace cover top hole on the?  
Electrode column with the furnace cover top hole coping, electrode column should avoid with the furnace cover friction, otherwise in the up and down and the stove cover friction will make the furnace cover squeeze broken electrodes, for AC furnaces, three-phase electrode column should be kept parallel to.  
10, how to apply the moment when the electrode Rotary?  

Electrode screwed when the applied torque should be appropriate, the operation should be even spoil, the force moment is too small will cause joint heat loose and torque over the general assembly caused by maintain the electrode nipple hole crack, rotary connection to use special electrode screwed tools, do not screw too tight and loose. If the end face contact after tightening is found to have a gap, it must be cleaned up and then re - re - rotating.

11, why graphite than metal sling sling?  
Metal hanger although durable and not easily damaged, but when in use after heated, metal hanger thermal expansion easy spalling hole electrode, also access metal hanger in easy to damage in the electrode hole thread, cause hole threaded large area of blowing down and the electrode is prone to tripping, graphite spreader with and electrode the same thermal expansion properties and hardness does not occur the use of adverse circumstances, but short duration of the use of graphite spreader, easy to damage, if it is found that the severe damage to timely replacement.  
13, how to choose the electrode in the electric arc furnace steel making?  
According to the design characteristics of the arc furnace, the electrode which is produced by the arc furnace is reasonably selected, and the best price performance of the product is selected. Carefully selected for each furnace electrode is very necessary, steel-making furnace special performance, feeding mode, maximum current strength, clip to under the electrode column length and furnace side wall and electrode circumference between distance and so on are factors of electric arc furnace must be taken into consideration in the choice when using electrode.  
14, the resistivity of the performance of the electrode when the use of steel making what effect?  
The resistivity of the graphite electrode is a manifestation of the electrode conductivity of physical indicators, and electrode manufacturing process related, countries of different types and sizes of resistivity of graphite electrode were qualitative provisions value, generally speaking, steel mills in the selection of certain specifications of electrode, be sure to choose in the national metallurgical standard resistivity range, high resistivity will make the electrode is energized redness fever, increased oxidation of the electrode consumption.  
15, what is the effect of bulk density on the use of electrode in steelmaking?  
The bulk density of the graphite electrode reflects the density of the electrode, which is closely related to the manufacturing process of the electrode. The state has prescribed value for the volume density of the graphite electrodes of different types of varieties. Volume low density products, indicating that the integral structure of the product with high porosity, products of high temperature oxidation speed faster, easy to cause increases the consumption of electrode, in general, steel mills use electrode, the electrode in the bulk density of the specified value in numerical point is good, but the volume density is not the higher the better, because some volume high density electrode sometimes due to poor thermal shock resistance, steel-making prone to peeling off the surface, off the block and crack, but will influence of steelmaking.